LRB Preset Pack Vol 1 Updated

With the advent of Lightroom 4 Beta, I’ve created Lightroom 4 versions of the presets that won’t work with the new Process Version 2012. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make them exactly the same, but they’re close.

In addition, I created separate JPEG versions for the presets, to ease the load on JPEG users.

And finally, knowing there’s a load of people out there using Photoshop, I also included a set of all the presets for Adobe Camera Raw. Now, in theory the Lightroom 4 Beta presets correspond with a theoretical Camera Raw 7, but as I’ve not seen it (!), I can’t confirm this until it actually exists!

Just to be clear, all of the presets work as normal (i.e. the same as Lightroom 3) in Lightroom 4 Beta using Process Version 2010. If you’ve already processed photos and saved metadata (via Automatically write XMP or via a Save command), then when you import into Lightroom 4 beta, they will be Process Version 2010. New images with no XMP will be Process Version 2012. The new Basic settings ignore older settings like Brightness, Recovery and Fill Light, and have double the amount of Clarity. This is what the new Lightroom 4 Beta presets are for; replacing the ones that don’t work under Process Version 2012.

The updated versions are available from the download link you got on purchase. New users get the new version automatically from http://lrbplugins.com/shop/presets/lrb-preset-pack-vol-1/